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The information provided by this website is complete, true, valid and up-to-date, whether it concerns our identity or the products/services provided by our online store. The above guarantees are subject to any technical or typographical errors, which cannot be foreseen or have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions in the operation of this website or due to force majeure. has received all the necessary technical and other means in order to immediately update the available quantity and sizes of our products, however it reserves an express reservation regarding the validity of the quantities and sizes of the products available in the online store, since there may be updating them to be carried out within one (1) hour from the moment of their modification.

Member Registration

Your registration as a member at is necessary in order to make a purchase from our Online Store. Upon registration, we will have registered your details, so it will not be necessary to fill them in every time you place an order. By entering your requested personal details (name and surname, address, postal code of the current main residence, telephone, valid e-mail address and acceptance of these Terms of Use and Transactions, you become a Member at and we open your own Member Account. Registration and participation as a member is free, personal, non-transferable and inalienable. You are responsible for the information that you provide to us and is based exclusively and solely on your statements regarding your personal information. Your personal information that you provide to us during your registration as a Member, our Company processes them exclusively for the purpose of (a) of creating your Account at through which you can track the progress of your order, the history of of your transactions on etc., (b) our communication with you regarding the transactions between us (e.g. to ensure the possibility of communication with you, for the completion, shipment and delivery of your order, for our payment and secure financial transaction) and (c) to send you informational, advertising and promotional material regarding our Company's products and services, including its collaborations with third parties, to the information you provided.


Your registration in our Company's newsletter is done at your own discretion and is not a mandatory procedure for making a purchase from our Online Store or for the provision of our other services, including your simple browsing of our Website. Your registration for our Company's newsletter service is completed by entering your email address in the corresponding field on our page. By completing your registration, you give us your express consent for our Company to send you informational and promotional material about its products and services, as well as related advertising messages.


The purchase process at is very simple. After choosing the product you want, press "Add to cart" on the corresponding button that appears on the product. The product will automatically be transferred to your shopping cart where you can change the quantity, delete the product or continue shopping with other products. After you have finished selecting the items, press the "Complete order" button in the shopping cart and follow the steps to complete the purchase by entering the shipping and payment information. When the above process is completed you will receive an e-mail with the details of your order. At we offer you the most popular payment methods for easy and fast purchases.



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Shipping method

The parcel will be delivered to the shipping company details you have given us in 2 to 3 working days from the payment of the amount. Shipments are made every day except Saturdays and holidays. Please write the landline and mobile number on the order form. During periods of increased order volume, shipments will be served on a priority basis and as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding for these few periods. We do our best to get your order as quickly as possible.

Pay on delivery
You can pay for your order when you receive it at your place. Valid for orders up to €200.

The extra cost for COD is €3 per order with Acs Courier

Shipping methods

The package will be delivered to you at the agency you have given us in 2 to 3 working days. ATTENTION shipments made on Friday are delivered Monday morning.

Shipments are made every day except Saturdays and holidays. Please write the landline and mobile number on the order form.

During periods of increased order volume, shipments will be served on a priority basis and as soon as possible. We ask for your understanding for these few periods. We do our best to get your order as quickly as possible.
Courier shipping

Shipments are made with Acs Courier with an extra cost of €10 for orders up to €200

Product Returns and Exchanges

The return is made after consultation with the company.


Please send your exchange or return to the address
DIM. GOUNARI 176. Postal Code 16674
TEL 210-3212300, 210-3254131
Customer service: Mon-Fri 10:00 – 17:00
Email: *
The company reserves the right to modify the above terms at any time without any notice



1. Sole Responsibility of the User/Consumer.

You are solely and exclusively responsible for the legal use of the Website and Online Store and you are obliged to refrain from any illegal act and abusive behavior as well as from the adoption of illegal and unfair competition practices. Participation as a member is only possible for natural or legal persons with full legal capacity. Minors (people under the age of 18) are excluded from becoming a Member. You are solely responsible for the legality and correctness of the Information, Data and details you provide to, which the Company has no responsibility or obligation to check, unless this is imposed upon it after a complaint or by law.

2. Prohibited Uses

It is prohibited to use the website and the online store of to send in any way, publish, transmit any content that is illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory, immoral, vulgar, obscene, promotes or expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination, may cause damage to third parties in any way.

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In addition, it is prohibited:

(a) Any access or attempted access to information and data (including personal data) transmitted through the Website that you do not have any authorization or authority to use;
(b) Accessing our Online Store for the purpose of creating or producing a product or service that competes with our own products/services.
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1. Supplier Liability and Warranty.
The producer of each product you buy

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